gasFlex is a multi-layered composite tubing consisting of an interior ALUMINUM tubing lined with inner and outer layers of tough UV resistant polyethylene (PE).

Aluminum tubing is listed in NFPA 54 as one of the acceptable piping materials in America.

gasFlex is a reliable, lightning-resistant system that can be installed in all modes of construction. Fire Resistance Flexibility and no additional bonding required means safer installations.

gasflex is a complete natural gas and propane piping system internationally certified by SGS ( to International Code ISO 17484-1


The PE inner and outer layers protect against corrosion enabling the pipe to be installed underground or embedded in concrete.
No more soldering joints or accesories for every change of direction. gasFlex’s convenient, lightweight coils allow installing a professional gas piping system quickly and efficiently.  Installation is more productive as a 200m (660 ft) roll can de carried by a single man, including tools and accesories.


Costs up to 7 times less than copper pipe
1/3 the cost of black iron pipe
gasFlex Flexible pipe delivers 50% saving in labor costs

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