The gasFlex (R) Flexible Gas Piping System, from Excel, is a complete natural gas and propane piping system internationally certified by SGS to AS4176 and ANSI/ASTM F1282.  Used in Europe and  Australia   for over 10  years, this technology is now revolutionizing the way gas is installed in America.

gasFlex   is a multi-layered composite tubing consisting of an interior aluminum tubing lined with inner and outer layers of  UV resistant polyethylene (PE).  Aluminum tubing is listed for gas use in NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Code.

gasFlex is a durable, reliable tubing that will not corrode or rust. The flexibility of gasFlex tubing results in easy rollouts. The stay-in-place rigid feature of the tubing makes it ideal for:

  • Interior gas piping systems
  • Underground gas piping systems
  • Running gas lines to remote areas in the yard  (BBQ -Jacuzzi - Space heater)
  • gaslite system