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gasFlex is a multi-layered composite tubing consisting of an interior aluminum tubing lined with inner and outer layers of  UV resistant polyethylene (PE).  It is a durable, reliable tubing that will not corrode or rust. The flexibility of gasFlex tubing results in easy rollouts. The stay-in-place rigid feature of the tubing makes it ideal for:

  • Interior gas piping systems
  • Underground gas piping systems
  • Running gas lines to remote areas in the yard  (BBQ -Jacuzzi - Space heater)
  • gaslite systems

If you want to know a little more about  gasFlex  :
  • The PE layers protect against corrosion and creates a shield so the tubing can be embedded in concrete.
  • The aluminum layer  provides stiffness to hold the tubing in the desired shape and fire resistance.
  • Together, the layers make up a flexible tubing that stays in place, won't discolor and has a very low thermal expansion rate (similar to copper and steel).     


The inner and outer layers of composite multilayer gasFlex are UV treated Poliethylene; and its middle layer is a flexible aluminum tube.  gasFlex has most of the advantages  metallic pipe.  Its advantages are easy bending, anti-rust, non-corrosion, and fire resistance.

gasFlex 's inner and outer layers consist of PE with U.V resistant components.  At normal temperature, it does not dissolve in any known solutions and is resistant against acid, alkaline or salty soil. Both materials offer perhaps the best chemical and corrosion resistance of any plastic used in the manufacture of plumbing pipes. The polyolefin family of plastics PE is renowned for it's toughness, long working life and resistance to deterioration in the most extreme environments. On the other hand, when metal or copper pipes are exposed to aggressive soil and  conditions, they are susceptible to corrosion and pitting.

Ease of  Installation

No more copper sticks, no more sweating joints every few feet.  gasFlex 's convenient, lightweight coils allow you to install a professional gas piping system quickly and efficiently.  Installation crews are less fatigued and larger coils mean less wastage.

Need to make a bend ? Go ahead. Need to snake pipe around an obstruction ? There's nothing stopping you. When the system calls for a fitting, you simply cut, bevel, insert and crimp the pipe for secure, long-term connections. It's really that fast and simple. Go anywhere with gasFlex.

gasFlex  can be installed behind  drywall and above false ceilings or surface mounted. It can be supported horizontally or vertically on 8 foot centers because its stiffness and expansion rate is similar to copper's. gasFlex can be encased in concrete or buried underground without additional protection because its tough outer plastic layer resists chemicals and corrosive activity. Superior Flow gasFlex's smooth inner wall toughened with carbon black   permanently resists scaling and abrasion, keeping gas flow constant year after year. 

gasFlex uses fewer fittings, in fact less than half the fittings used in a copper or black iron system. Fewer fitting joints means less chance of leakage and less liability.

Click here to purchase gasFlex  on our secure online store